Our luxury garage doors offer full flexibility

If you want to install a new garage door in your villa, look no further than our wide variety of luxury garage door. Our insulated garage doors keep your garage cool on the hottest days and seamlessly blend in with your home’s exterior. At Beban, we offer a wide array of customization options for our garage doors, starting from SAT 4500 excl. VAT. You can choose how you want your door to open, the framing of the door, the color, and the finish. For example, choose a high-quality metallic garage door if you are looking for a modern look. It is also possible to add other accessories, such as windows, to your door.

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How to design your garage door

Creating your own unique design with standard features

Choose the door type

We offer different panel designs which gives a different outlook to your garage door.

Choose the color

You can choose our standard color or any RAL color you prefer.

Give the size of the door opening in mm

You can order any door size up to 6000 mm width and 3000 mm height.

How do want to have it installed

Save money by doing it yourself or leave it up to Beban and we give you piece of mind


You can pick up your luxury garage door from our factory in Riyadh or we can deliver it to your address.

Measure the door opening

You can measure the required size of the garage door yourself or Beban can do this for you.


Our luxury garage doors can easily be installed by yourself with the help of our easy-to-follow manuals and videos or it can be done by a contractor. You can also hire an expert at Beban to take care of the installation.

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Service and Products supporting our customers

We do not just produce and supply products. Our aim is to give high quality products to our customers with a flexible service offer. Our options and support give maximum freedom in your choices.

Remote control

Our robust remote controls give easy access to your garage door. You do not need to leave your car to open the door.


Our connectivity app gives you insight in the status of the door wherever you are. You are always in control even if you travel.  

Robust Operator

This operator is special designed for the Saudi Market and can handle the dust, temperature and works always.

High quality

All components we use are based on high quality European design. We do not compromise on our quality.

Mechanical security

As an option we offer a strong lock bolt which secures that during nighttime your door is 100% locked. No electronics are involved in this.

Support with  documentation

We have very clear documentation available in helping you to make the right choices. You will find this in the chapter manuals  

Installation frames

In case your door opening is not suitable for a sectional garage door we can provide installation frames to make sure that the door can be installed 

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Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information about our luxury garage doors and the various design options. Take a look at our modern steel garage doors and request a quote to receive a detailed overview of the costs of your garage door. You are also welcome to contact our experts for more information about our luxury garage doors.